Portable Toilet Hire

When organising an event consider how many people will be attending. Adequate toilet facilities really are an essential, especially if your venue is not connected to mains drainage.

You should consider all or some of these things when looking for a quotation from any of our listed suppliers.

  • How many people will you be providing toilet facilities for?
  • How long do you want to hire the facilities for?
  • Do you want to have basic or luxury toilet facilities at your event?
  • Where will the toilets be sited?
  • Will the toilets be inside or outside (if you are having a marquee?
  • Do you need to supply consumables? (toilet rolls, soap, hand towels etc.)
  • If the supplier is going to service, i.e. emptying the toilets, refilling the consumables when will this be done and how often?

The comfort of your guests is obviously a priority. Portable toilets can come in a range of designs and can be fitted to quite a high degree of comfort if you wish. More specialist units are often available as well. Mobile urinal systems, disabled toilets and baby changing units can also be hired. Check with your supplier about these facilities.

It is always best to have answers to these questions sorted out before contacting a supplier. Being able to provide accurate details about numbers, siting, access conditions etc. will help them to suggest the most suitable solution to your needs and requirements.

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